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Feminine healthcare

Products for cervical and
endocervical sampling

Cytology or cytopathology has become an important part of cancer diagnostic. The Pap test is a common application of cytopathology, which is used as a screening tool, to detect precancerous cervical lesions and prevent cervical cancer. Cytopathologic tests are sometimes called smear tests because the samples are smeared across a microscopic slide for microscopic examination. Pap test samples are taken by using a small spatula and / or brush to remove cells from the cervix (the lower part of the uterus or womb).

CERVIspat gynaecological Szalay spatula

CERVIspat gynaecological Szalay spatula
More efficient than the classical wood spatula.
The distinctive characteristic of the Szalay spatula is that the gynaecological sampler combines two working surfaces: a Szalay spatula and an Ayre spatula. The working surface of the Szalay spatula has a tapered tip that permits safe penetration into the endocervix. The latter has a rough surface to ensure strong cell adhesion and easy cervical sample collection without causing pain.

CERVIspat gynaecological Ayre spatula

CERVIspat gynaecological Ayre spatula
The pined edge of the Ayre spatula ensures optimal cervical sample collection, without causing pain.

CYTOcoll Cytological brushes

Cytological brushes enable the practitioner to obtain sufficient amounts of the cytological smear from the endocervical area and therefore ensure diagnostic accuracy. The conical shape of the brushes guarantees an easy introduction even in the case of a stenotic cervix. The soft nylon bristles facilitate a completely painless procedure.

CYTOcoll Cytological brush, conical shape standard, type A

CYTOcoll Cytological brush, conical shape glue top, type B

CERVIspoon Cervical spoons

The cervical spoon is an effective and qualitative improvement of the metal spoon. The specially treated edges of the spoon are able to collect the full spectrum of cells from different anatomical zones. This product is recommended when sufficient cytological or bacteriological specimens are needed.

CERVIbrush Cytological brushes

The cervical brushes are an effective and qualitative improvement on cytological brushes. The bristles are graded to collect the full spectrum of cells from the ectocervix, endocervix and transformation zones. These products are recommended after beginning pre-climacterium.

CERVIbrush Cervical brushes, standard, type A

CERVIbrush Cervical brushes, with central pole, type B

CERVIbrush Cervical brush +, type C

Papillomavirus (HPV) test

There are about 150 types of HPV and approximately 15 “high-risk“ types that can cause cervical cancer. It is estimated that 80 percent of all women – and 50 percent of men and women combined – will get one or more types of “genital“ HPV at some point in their lives.
Infection with the most common types of “genital“ HPV can be prevented with the HPV vaccine. To ensure success of the vaccination a PCR-test for the diagnostic of papillomavirus (HPV) should be conducted.

UNIVERswab Urinary swabs

The urinary swab is a universal instrument which can be used to obtain samples for PCR diagnostics (including HPV tests), cytological samples, and samples for bacteriology. This product is recommended for stenosis of the cervix. The urinary swab is a reliable and safe alternative to cotton swabs.

The distinctive characteristic of the urinary swab is that the handle can be easily broken in the middle as to allow the sampling tip to be put into a container using the other side of the handle. This dispenses the need for an additional container.

ENDOmette Endometrial suction curette with 4 holes, latex-free

Schematic of ENDOmette
sampling techniques

Sterile transport systems for microbiology

SWABprim transport swabs
One of the standard procedures in the diagnostic of infections is taking smear tests and transporting it to a laboratory. To make this process as easy as possible, MEDIPRIM developed the test and transport device SWABprim. SWABprim prevents any mix-up and cross-contamination. Swab‘s plastic handle, made of polystyrene, can be easy broken, avoiding the need for scissors. The high visibility of the clear plastic packaging allows easy visualization of the transported swab and prevents dehydration of the media.

SWABprim sterile transport swab with medium, Type A, Type C, Type D

Sterile transport swabs SWABprim are available with three media:

AMIES (type A): modified Stuart’s medium with glycerophosphate replacing an inorganic phosphate in the original formula. Recommended for Gram negative rods. Available as Amies Agar Gel with or without Charcoal.

Stuart medium (type C): classic medium, invented by Dr. R.D. Stuart, for transporting clinical swab samples. Available as Stuart Agar Gel for aerobic culture.

Cary-Blairm medium (type D): a modification of the original Stuart formulation, recommended for the transportation of rectal swabs and fecal specimens for the isolation of enteric pathogens.

SWABprim sterile transport swab without medium, Type B