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Urinary catheters

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Urinary catheters are used for the collection of urine from the bladder. In general they are used in cases of urinary incontinence (leaking of urine), or urinary retention (when the patient is unable to empty the bladder). Reasons for urinary dysfunction can be different, for example, bladder stones, blood clots in the urine, narrowing of the urethra, after some surgical operations, injuries, some mental dysfunctions, such as dementia, or side effects of some medications. MEDIPRIM urinary catheters are available in a range of sizes and materials.

Types of urinary catheters

FOLEY catheters
(indwelling catheters)

This type of catheter can be used for short and long periods of time. A Foley catheter is usually inserted into the bladder through the urethra. At the end of the Foley catheter is a balloon. After insertion the balloon is filled with liquid which prevents the Foley catheter from slipping out.

Male external catheters
(condom catheters)

Catheters that are placed outside of the body are called external catheters. They are recommended for men without urinary retention problems but with serious functional or mental disabilities, like dementia. An external catheter is placed over the penis head and has a tube which leads to a drainage bag. Male external catheters are more comfortable for patients. The use of this type of catheter significantly reduces the risk of infection. Condom catheters need to be changed daily.

NELATON catheters
(Intermittent or short-term catheters)

Nelaton catheters are often recommended for patients after surgery when short-term use is required. These catheters are removed immediately after the bladder is emptied.