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FOLEY catheters

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Connectors for FOLEY catheters

Two-way catheters
To insure a secure position in the bladder Jean Francois Reybard developed a catheter with an inflatable balloon. One channel is used for urine and the other for the balloon. Two-way catheters are recommended for standard applications.

Three-way catheters
To facilitate continuous bladder irrigation, MEDIPRIM offers three-way catheters with a third additional irrigation channel. Three-way catheters are used for surgical operations, in case of bleeding from a bladder or prostate tumour. Continuous, or intermittent irrigation helps to clear blood clots or debris.

FOLEY catheters materials

MEDIPRIM Foley catheters are available in either 100% silicone or silicone coated latex.

Silicone elastomer coated catheters are latex catheters coated with silicone. These catheters are both strong and flexible. Silicone coating reduces encrustation of catheters. These catheters are not recommended for patients who are sensitive to latex.

Very gentle hypo-allergic silicone catheters (100% silicone) protect tissue and provide excellent biocompatibility. Thin wall technology (providing a relatively large lumen) reduces the risk of encrustation. Recommended for long-term catheterization.

Sizes of FOLEY catheters

Catheter diameter sizes are measured in Charrière (Ch or CH) also known as French Gauge (F; FR; FG) and indicate the external diameter 1mm = 3 Ch. Sizes range from Ch 6 to 30.

The size of the catheter is marked on the urine drainage port in FR / CH and on the balloon port in international colour code.