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BEAUTYprim Herpes patches

BEAUTYprim Herpes patches are made of ultrathin hydrocolloid layer laminated with highly breathable polyurethane film. Thickness of spot is 175 microns, so it acts as second skin, allowing weeping fluids to evaporate but not allowing moisture in.

Indications for use
Sterile herpes patches BEAUTYprim are developed to prevent the outbreak and to treat sores caused by Herpes Simplex Virus that erupt around lips, nose or chin.
- During contagious stage of cold sore, BEAUTYprim patch absorbs the oozing liquid which is the most contagious as it contains millions of infectious viruses.
- Hydrocolloid base of the BEAUTYprim patches provides moist environment during healing, so it prevents scabbing and crusting before the healing stage, appeases the pain and itching by covering nerve endings.
- Thanks to transparency and thickness the patches are invisible, so it reduces social embarrassment during all cold sore stages. Make up and lipstick can be applied over the patch.

Duration of use
BEAUTYprim patches stays in place for up to
12 hours

BEAUTYprim patches can also be used to treat acne
- Alleviates inflammation, redness and swelling around pus formed area of the skin.
- Protects acne from dirt and another contaminant.
- Creates moist environment, accelerate acne healing and avoids scar formation.